Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday afternoon in a city centre cafe - Kompott Cafe

The house looked dreadful, but we decided to go in anyway. When Una opened the door she felt that we had just walked into granny's house, sometime around the 1980's, but now its known as retro. There was an old black and white TV in the corner, sewing machines turned into tables, granny's flowery wallpaper and home made jams on shelves. The place seemed very popular -famous actors and TV personalities alongside Bohemian wannabees. Well the cafe was next to a college after all. Taking a table by the window we started to look through the menu, which bizarrely had only a couple of pages of food, but loads on drinks. They serve a boring selection of Estonian food, that anybody could have made at home and done better. But it wasn't all bad, after all the hot drinks and bread basket were great! Its the sort of place that you would take your mum or granny out for lunch, but that really is about it. Why bring back Soviet style, if there was nothing good about it?

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