Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Book Review No. 15

Back on familiar if somewhat disappointing ground in another piece of history from World War two. Patrick Delaforce's "Taming the Panzer's" tells the many collective stories of the men who fought in Britain's 3rd Royal Tank Regiment from the world war One of tanks that drove at 4 m.p.h. to the next generation that fought Rommel's Panzer's across North Africa and Europe.
As always, click on the BOOK REVIEW link to the right to see what it was all about.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Review No.14

I'm finally over my laziness of always having an excuse not to blog. But now I'm back and so are the book reviews and this time its another change of pace. Having strayed briefly away from military history with a journey into the porn industry with my previous review, now its the turn of Sci-fi and Dr. Who.
"The story is the feast of the Drowned" by Stephen Cole and is set in the Dr Who days of David Tennant. Well for more on this review click on BOOK REVIEW on the left.

Too much of a good thing

The sun was hot last week. Actually the sun was really hot last week, a lot hotter in fact than I expected. On another day in the countryside, Una I went cycling and swimming in glorious sunshine. The sky was cloudless, swimming in the lake had been great, everything was perfect.
Yes glorious, glorious sunshine, it was great.

The only thing was the next day I was tired, really tired, drowsy and then nausea's.
Oh yes, that's right. I had sun stroke, well actually it was heat exhaustion.
Had I fainted it would have been sun stroke, but as I didn't, my condition was downgraded to heat exhaustion.
Wow, I sound like the long range weather forecast.
Well that was my story about being careful about what you wish for, just in case you get it.