Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nations Cup

Yesterday the world cup came to Estonia, to be exact it was actually the "Nations Cup" where sixteen countries of the world were represented in an indoor 5-a-side tournament.
Each team need to consist of at least 3 nationals are and two "Legionaries", that's foreigners to you and me.
As there was no Irish or English team to join and the old Chines Dragons were already full I became the newest member of the German team. However with only three Germans on the team and two of the remaining places filled by legionaries I became German or at least my mother became my "Connection" with Germany. However the co-ordinator of the event didn't seem to convinced of my parentage.

Anyway after four matches the first German footballing campaign in decades came to end without them reaching the competition final. As with the previous tournaments that I 've played in this one really was more about the taking part than the winning of it.

Now I know that this may sound like a cliche, but its true.
And if you want to hear some cliches, how about "We was robbed", "that was never a penalty", "nor was that one", "that was never handball", "come on ref are you blind", etc, etc.
As with our weekly practice kick about, this tournament brought a bunch of former strangers in a foreign country a little bit closer. As the beer, Cider and chicken at David's house alongside a litre of Garlic, loved it.